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About Welding Centre of Excellence

The C. V. Raman College of Engineering (CVRCE) is committed to "imparting quality education and training in "Engineering & Management" and aims at being a global institution through continual improvement of its scholastic ability and effectiveness of the quality management system" as its quality policy. This quality policy has driven many successful initiatives like establishment of "Center of Excellence" with state of-art facilities to encourage technical trainings, innovations, incubation and research, so as to sustain the institutions vision of "global leader in the arena of technical education".

Continuation of the commitments is further demonstrated with establishment of CVRCE's Welding Center of Excellence, in partnership with "FRONIUS / MESSERS / KUKA", a pioneering AUSTRIA company and a performance leader in industrial training and education with its innovations in industries.

The WCoE is certified by Indian Institute of Welding - Indiaas an Approved Testing Centre (ATC) & Approved Testing Institute (ATI).

Programme We Offer

Short Term Course

The training program has also been designed to cater to the

CDT Course

The training program has also been designed to cater to the

Work Shop

Area of industrial automation such as hydraulic drives, pneumatic drives, etc.



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